Training Professionals

Unified training solutions for learners at all levels

Building a high-impact learning organization is a complex task. It requires training professionals to become experts in everything from governance to custom content to adult learning design and development to course delivery. Learning and development professionals must oversee the development of training programs that include leadership development, talent management and succession planning, recruiting, diversity, equity, and inclusion. Trainers need a partner who can collaborate to help them deliver a unified employee experience that offers clear development and leadership opportunities tailored to their organization’s needs.

Holistic learning solutions created for and by training industry professionals

At Blanchard, the people developing our learning solutions for training professionals are learning industry experts who’ve implemented successful learning programs and are keeping ahead of the latest training and educational technology trends. We help training professionals understand how leadership development fits into their diversity efforts, uncover succession planning needs, and define what success looks like for their learning initiative. Our courses for training professionals are taught by individuals who teach other facilitators how to facilitate for a living. Through these programs, participants access training materials designed for training professionals to pick up and use within their organizations tomorrow.

Build the skills, networks, and expertise to move your training forward

Trainers worldwide turn to Blanchard to gain the skills and peer network they need to take their leadership development training programs from good to exceptional.

Deliver engaging learner experiences at scale

Deliver a comprehensive and engaging learning initiative that scales across the organization with Blanchard. Join the Blanchard Community of training professionals and learning and development practitioners as they form meaningful connections with one another, grow their expertise in leadership development, and attain their career goals.