Blanchard Starts at the Heart of Leadership to Turn Potential Into Performance

Blanchard starts at the heart of leadership, helping leaders view every exchange as an opportunity to foster trust and deepen relationships. We originate dynamic, human-powered learning experiences that enable leaders at all levels to turn potential into performance. These inspired leaders become the ultimate agents of progress and transformation for their people, work, and organizations.

Why Blanchard

We maximize individual achievement and organizational performance—enabling measurable progress and true transformation.

  • Relevant, resonant, and research-backed content
  • Simple and powerful models that work—and the data to prove it
  • Learning experiences that create connections and outcomes
  • Coaching that maximizes achievement
  • Measurement strategies that show results
Our Vision
Leaders Powered for Good
Our Mission

Blanchard’s leadership experts, proven content, and dynamic learning experiences maximize individual achievement and organizational performance.

Our Values
Be True

From business decision to daily interactions, we remain true to our values. Grounded in transparency and directness, we strive to consistently do what’s right by our clients and our people

Scale Kindness

First, do no harm. We serve others with compassion, love, and grace. We act as though the world is watching, always stopping to ask, “is it fair, balance, and right”?

Transform Together

Transformation is not realized by one individual. Heart and mind aligned leaders inspire teams to reach new heights of achievement together.

Relentless Pursuit

True leadership is a persistent learning quest. We are a constant resource for those navigating this journey, inspiring this journey, inspiring them to continuously redefine their personal bests.

Our Commitment to Inclusive Workplace
Developing tomorrow’s leaders, today

Drs. Ken and Marjorie Blanchard founded The Ken Blanchard Companies in 1979 with three simple goals—to make a difference in people’s lives, drive human worth and effectiveness in the workplace, and help each organization we work with become the provider, employer, and investment of choice.

Awards & Recognition

We’re grateful for the industry recognition of the excellence of our training and putting our values into action by creating a dynamic workplace.

Your Blanchard Greece Team

We’re committed to your success and assemble a team of experts who will design, build and implement your new leadrship development experiences.

Spiros Paolinelis
Managing Partner/Master Trainer & Coach

Spiros brings his clients 25-year of experience of a successful career in leading line management positions in multinational organizations around the world.  Using his knowledge and experience, he trains leadership and creativity projects and coaches managers of every level, putting them on a unique course of personal and business success. His passion for what he does, and his curiosity fuels his drive for continuous learning.

Antony Dimitriou
Master Trainer & Coach

Antonis is an expert in indentifying and unlocking the potential of all those seeking a place in winning terms. As executive director, he led organizations in various sectors in 60 countries. He is a very experienced and enthousiastic trainer and coach for managers of every level, enabling organizations to create their vision and design implementation strategies to remove obstacles to their success.

Athanasia Koutra
Business Development Leader – Executive Coach

Athanasia is an Executive Coach Certified by the International Coaching Federation. She has extensive experience in designing and implementing solutions for the selection, assessment and development of executives for many different businesses and organizations. She always tries to listen and observe in order to design an effective solution. She loves to influence positively and effectively the professional life of people.

Dimitris Danis
Consulting Partner | Executive Coach

Dimitris is an Executive Coach, certified by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). He is driven by his belief that people are powerful beyond measure. Combining his industrial leadership experience with his passion about inspiring and developing people, he supports executives and organizations in their growth and success. He mobilizes proven and state-of-the-art tools to enable clients envision their future, embody new behaviors, and create new personal and organizational realities.

Dimitra Vasileiou
Consulting Partner

Dimitra comes from the banking industry, having worked for 20 years at the front line, in bank branches. Combining her long working experience in managerial positions with her studies in the educational field (with further specialized training in HRM, in coaching and in NLP), she enjoys participating in people’s and in organizations’ growing through transformative learning. Her motto is “never stop learning, unlearning and relearning”.